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WRI is committed to producing high-quality research, including reports, issue briefs, working papers, and technical notes. Our publications are subject to peer review, and are held to traditional "academic" BAGS Handbags Desigual 9eJhTd
, such as objectivity and rigor. We also ensure that all of our publications are timely, fit for audience, and rooted in a strategic plan for achieving positive change in the world. If you notice an error in one of our publications or have concerns about the quality of our research, please contact the authors and copy Vice President for Science and Research 61022 Womens Handbag Marco Tozzi LsnfqDa

All of our publications are available to download.

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fmodBOOL-OPSis protectingTRUTH-VALUE. op_and_:BoolBool->Bool[assoccommprec55]. op_or_:BoolBool->Bool[assoccommprec59]. op_xor_:BoolBool->Bool[assoccommprec57]. opnot_:Bool->Bool[prec53]. op_implies_:BoolBool->Bool[gather(eE)prec61]. varsABC:Bool. eqtrueandA=A. eqfalseandA=false. eqAandA=A. eqfalsexorA=A. eqAxorA=false. eqAand(BxorC)=AandBxorAandC. eqnotA=Axortrue. eqAorB=AandBxorAxorB. eqAimpliesB=not(AxorAandB). endfm

Finally, the module BOOL puts together all the operators in TRUTH and in BOOL-OPS .

fmodBOOLis protectingBOOL-OPS. protectingTRUTH. endfm

As noted above, the BOOL module is imported (in including mode) by default as a submodule of any other module defined by the user. This is accomplished by the command


that appears in the standard library file prelude.maude . The set include command can mention any module we wish to import—in this case BOOL . However, this default importation can be disabled. For example, if the user wished to have the polymorphic equality, inequality and if_then_else_fi operators automatically added to modules, but wanted to exclude the usual Boolean connectives for the built-in truth values, this could be accomplished by writing

setincludeBOOLoff. setincludeTRUTHon.

Similar commands are available for enabling and disabling implicit importation in extending and protecting modes (see Section Womens Eagles Low 1450 Trainers Cult 0AsboK
). For example, the BOOL module can be protected by default instead of included by writing

setincludeBOOLoff. setprotectBOOLon.

The module EXT-BOOL declares short-circuit versions of the conjunction and disjunction operators such as those found in LISP and other programming languages. Like the operators declared in BOOL , these operators are defined entirely equationally. The short-circuit behavior is the result of the strategy attributes declared for the operators as discussed in Section contrasting panels pumps Brown Sarah Chofakian T0x6sKtgT

fmodEXT-BOOLis protectingBOOL. op_and-then_:BoolBool->Bool [strat(10)gather(eE)prec55]. op_or-else_:BoolBool->Bool [strat(10)gather(eE)prec59]. varB:[Bool]. eqtrueand-thenB=B. eqfalseand-thenB=false. eqtrueor-elseB=true. eqfalseor-elseB=B. endfm

When the module BOOL is imported, the system automatically adds to the module an operator to test for membership, _:: S , for each sort S , as mentioned above (see also Section BAGS Handbags Chameo EzVCAs
). Again, working in the NUMBERS module we have the following examples:

Maude>redinNUMBERS:sd(zero,zero)::Zero. resultBool:true
Maude>redsd(zero,zero)::NzNat. resultBool:false
Maude>redsd(zero,zero)::Nat. resultBool:true
Maude>red(zeronil)::Zero. resultBool:true

The term sd(zero, zero) reduces to zero , which has least sort Zero but also its supersort Nat . The term zero nil has also sort Zero because, using the equational axioms for the assoc and id: nil attributes, zero nil is the same as zero , which has sort Zero .

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Current soft pneumatic grippers cannot robustly grasp flat materials and flexible objects on curved surfaces without distorting them. Current electroadhesive grippers, on the other hand, are difficult to actively deform to complex shapes to pick up free-form surfaces or objects. An easy-to-implement PneuEA gripper is proposed by the integration of an electroadhesive gripper and a two-fingered soft pneumatic gripper. The electroadhesive gripper was fabricated by segmenting a soft conductive silicon sheet into a two-part electrode design and embedding it in a soft dielectric elastomer. The two-fingered soft pneumatic gripper was manufactured using a standard soft lithography approach. This novel integration has combined the benefits of both the electroadhesive and soft pneumatic grippers. As a result, the proposed PneuEA gripper was not only able to pick-and-place flat and flexible materials such as a porous cloth but also delicate objects such as a light bulb. By combining two soft touch sensors with the electroadhesive, an intelligent and shape-adaptive PneuEA material handling system has been developed. This work is expected to widen the applications of both soft gripper and electroadhesion technologies.

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The following article is Open access

M A H Khondoker and D Sameoto2016 Smart Mater. Struct. 25 093001

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This review contains a comparative study of reported fabrication techniques of gallium based liquid metal alloys embedded in elastomers such as polydimethylsiloxane or other rubbers as well as the primary challenges associated with their use. The eutectic gallium–indium binary alloy (EGaIn) and gallium–indium–tin ternary alloy (galinstan) are the most common non-toxic liquid metals in use today. Due to their deformability, non-toxicity and superior electrical conductivity, these alloys have become very popular among researchers for flexible and reconfigurable electronics applications. All the available manufacturing techniques have been grouped into four major classes. Among them, casting by needle injection is the most widely used technique as it is capable of producing features as small as 150 nm width by high-pressure infiltration. One particular fabrication challenge with gallium based liquid metals is that an oxide skin is rapidly formed on the entire exposed surface. This oxide skin increases wettability on many surfaces, which is excellent for keeping patterned metal in position, but is a drawback in applications like reconfigurable circuits, where the position of liquid metal needs to be altered and controlled accurately. The major challenges involved in many applications of liquid metal alloys have also been discussed thoroughly in this article.

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Aurélie Mossé2018 Smart Mater. Struct. 27 074009

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Example Connector using the MediaCentral UI Toolkit to display Trello boards and cards.
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Michal Oleszczuk README
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The Trello plugin is a simple integration example that shows how an external service can be integrated in MediaCentral Cloud UX.

In this case the UI is built using React and styling provided by Avid.

When opening the pane for the first time the user needs to log in. This is done by pressing the Sign In button and then confirming the login using the OAuth window of the Trello service.

Once logged in the pane will show all boards of the user. This is a simplified implementation of Trello which allows for browsing, creating cards and editing them. It does not support more advanced Trello functions such as moving cards.

In the board view all cards are shown with title and the number of attachments. Clicking on a card will open it to show details and allow editing of the card text.

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