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Tropospheric nitrogen dioxide (NO ) column densities detected from space are widely used to infer trends in terrestrial nitrogen oxide (NO ) emissions. We study changes in NO column densities using the Ozone Monitoring Instrument (OMI) over China from 2005 to 2015 and compare them with the bottom-up inventory to examine NO emission trends and their driving forces. From OMI measurements we detect the peak of NO column densities at a national level in the year 2011, with average NO column densities deceasing by 32% from 2011 to 2015 and corresponding to a simultaneous decline of 21% in bottom-up emission estimates. A significant variation in the peak year of NO column densities over regions is observed. Because of the reasonable agreement between the peak year of NO columns and the start of deployment of denitration devices, we conclude that power plants are the primary contributor to the NO decline, which is further supported by the emission reduction of 56% from the power sector in the bottom-up emission inventory associated with the penetration of selective catalytic reduction (SCR) increasing from 18% to 86% during 2011–2015. Meanwhile, regulations for vehicles also make a significant contribution to NO emission reductions, in particular for a few urbanized regions (e.g., Beijing and Shanghai), where they implemented strict regulations for vehicle emissions years before the national schedule for SCR installations and thus reached their NO peak 2–3 years ahead of the deployment of denitration devices for power plants. Cited by References
The following article is Open access

B Jones and B C O'Neill2016 Environ. Res. Lett. 11 084003

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The projected size and spatial distribution of the future population are important drivers of global change and key determinants of exposure and vulnerability to hazards. Spatial demographic projections are widely used as inputs to spatial projections of land use, energy use, and emissions, as well as to assessments of the impacts of extreme events, sea level rise, and other climate-related outcomes. To date, however, there are very few global-scale, spatially explicit population projections, and those that do exist are often based on simple scaling or trend extrapolation. Here we present a new set of global, spatially explicit population scenarios that are consistent with the new Shared Socioeconomic Pathways (SSPs) developed to facilitate global change research. We use a parameterized gravity-based downscaling model to produce projections of spatial population change that are quantitatively consistent with national population and urbanization projections for the SSPs and qualitatively consistent with assumptions in the SSP narratives regarding spatial development patterns. We show that the five SSPs lead to substantially different spatial population outcomes at the continental, national, and sub-national scale. In general, grid cell-level outcomes are most influenced by national-level population change, second by urbanization rate, and third by assumptions about the spatial style of development. However, the relative importance of these factors is a function of the magnitude of the projected change in total population and urbanization for each country and across SSPs. We also demonstrate variation in outcomes considering the example of population existing in a low-elevation coastal zone under alternative scenarios. colour block flatform sandals Multicolour AFVandevorst tSoFJ8l
The following article is Open access

Conrad Wasko et al 2018 Environ. Res. Lett. 13 074031

If Fireworks-generated HTML is found, select one of the following and click OK:

Replaces the previous Fireworks HTML

Overwrites only the images

If the Select Images Folder dialog box appears, select a folder and click Open.

Export CSS layers

CSS layers can overlap and be stacked on top of one another. In Fireworks, normal HTML output does not overlap.

Select File> Export.

Type a filename and select a destination folder.

From the Export pop-up menu, select CSS And Images.

To export only the current state, select Current State Only.

To export only the current page, select Current Page Only.

To choose a folder for images, select Put Images In Subfolder.

Click Options to set the HTML page properties.

Click Browse to specify a background image and set the background image tiling:

Select No Repeat to display the image only once.

Select Repeat to repeat, or tile, the image both horizontally and vertically.

Select Repeat-x to tile the image horizontally.

Select the Repeat-y option to tile the image vertically.

Select the page alignment on the browser as left, center, or right.

Click OK, and then click Save.

Export XHTML

is a combination of HTML, the current standard for formatting and displaying web pages, and XML (Extensible Markup Language). XHTML is backward-compatible—meaning that most current web browsers can view it—and it can be read by any device that displays XML content, such as PDAs, mobile phones, and other handheld devices.

Fireworks can also import XHTML. See Create Fireworks PNG files from HTML files .

For more information on XHTML, visit the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) XHTML specification at .

Select File> HTML Setup, select an XHTML style from the HTML Style pop-up menu on the General tab, and then click OK.

Export your document using any of the methods available for exporting or copying HTML. See Export HTML .


Fireworks uses UTF-8 encoding when exporting to XHTML.

Export files with and without UTF-8 encoding

, which stands for Universal Character Set Transformation Format-8, is a text-encoding method that allows web browsers to display different character sets (for example, Chinese text and English text) on the same HTML page. UTF-8 encoding is turned on by default.

Fireworks can also import documents that use UTF-8 encoding. See Create Fireworks PNG files from HTML files .

Select File> HTML Setup.

On the Document Specific tab, clear the UTF-8 Encoding check box and click OK.

Export the document using any of the methods available for exporting or copying HTML.

Set HTML export options

The HTML Setup dialog box allows you to define how Fireworks exports HTML. Changes made in the Document Specific tab affect the current document only. General and Table settings are global preferences and affect all new documents.

Do one of the following:

Click the Options button in the Export dialog box.

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July 5, 2018

The resignation of EPA chief Scott Pruitt today was a surprise—at least its timing was. Though popular for his pro-industry, anti-regulatory stance among Republican politicians, Pruitt’s many alleged unethical and illegal acts Pruitt caused GOP allies to step away or even outright call for his resignation.

President Donald Trump announced Pruitt’s ouster as a resignation, and didn’t mention of any of the accusations.

I have accepted the resignation of Scott Pruitt as the Administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency. Within the Agency Scott has done an outstanding job, and I will always be thankful to him for this. The Senate confirmed Deputy at EPA, Andrew Wheeler, will…

— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump)

However, the cumulative total of investigations may have taken the toll on a president’s attitude who likes “winners” and promised to “drain the swamp.” Or it may just have been Fox news host Laura Ingraham’s July 3 tweet , “Pruitt is the swamp. Drain it.”

Officially, Pruitt faced 16 investigations, one of which was concluded and found that he broke the law . Democratic congresspeople, government ethics organizations, and congressional committees have asked for additional investigations, filed lawsuits and challenges, and are conducting inquiries in many other issues.

Here are some of the biggest allegations against Pruitt, from newest to oldest by the date of disclosure.

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